Anchor bolt-Metal-Flex Anchor bolt Screw for pouring into plastic.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.051 DIN 931-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.051 DIN 931 Machine bolt with hexagonal head and partial thread.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.053 DIN 933-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.053 DIN 933 Machine bolt with hexagonal head and head thread
Bolt SRPS M.B1.103 DIN 84-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.103 DIN 84 Cylindrical head bolt.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.111 DIN 920-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.111 DIN 920 A screw with a small lenticular head and a flat notch, produced in a cross-slot combination.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.118 DIN 7985-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.118 DIN 7985 Cylindrical head bolt
Bolt SRPS M.B1.126 DIN 7991-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.126 DIN 7991 Countersunk head screw, with an Allen key in the head.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.130 DIN 963-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.130 DIN 963 Flat countersunk head bolt
Bolt SRPS M.B1.136 DIN 965-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.136 DIN 965 A bolt with a countersunk head and a cross cut.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.140 DIN 964-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.140 DIN 964 Countersunk pan head bolt with flat slot.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.144 DIN 966-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.144 DIN 966 A bolt with a countersunk, lenticular head with a cruciform notch.
Bolt SRPS M.B1.171 DIN 603-Metal-Flex Bolt SRPS M.B1.171 DIN 603 A bolt with a half-round head and a square head.
Allen bolt SRPS M.B1.120 DIN 912-Metal-Flex Allen bolt SRPS M.B1.120 DIN 912 Dimensions from M5 to M24. Length from 10mm to 150mm. Quality: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9.
Bolt VC 534-Metal-Flex Bolt VC 534 Handle bolt.